Processing of baggage, cargo and passengers to and from the airport

1. Baggage Free Terminal

Envisaging substantial changes in the operation of airport terminal buildings – one of the first Urban Turbine research project is to investigate the Baggage free terminal. By freeing up to 40% valuable and expansive terminal area from baggage handling this process will be accommodated in a purpose made logistic fulfilment centre. This will not only address economic benefits for airport operators but finally free the passenger journey from the often frustratingly slow on-terminal the check-in process. AirPortr, who have pioneered baggage home-pick-up and recently received the IATA start-up innovation award are one of our partners in this project.

2. Passenger Processing Along the Journey

While we spend more and more time travelling, living in-between, the journey from and to airports is becoming increasingly diverse, new forms of urban occupation occur, such as co-working.

By liberating the passenger from his baggage the use of public transport will be encouraged. As next stage the baggage home-pick-up will be replicated on the arrivals side delivering the baggage directly to the destination. Ultimately baggage will be travelling independently and as individual ‘passenger’ by most economic and sustainable means.

Passenger Processing Along the Journey
Airport Urban Connectivity

3. Airport Urban Connectivity

Increasing commercial pressure and environmental challenges are demanding better and more efficient use of resources. Airports can take a far more proactive position within the value chain of urban transport. Autonomous vehicles will eradicate traditional car park revenues, logistic networks replace the traditional High Street. Ultimately airports will submerge within the urban conglomerate.

Consequently new forms of security control have to address emerging challenges from increasing concentration of passengers and local citizens alike on landside as recent attacks onto airports in Brussels, Istanbul and Moscow have indicated. Our vision is to enable airports to participate and potentially lead societal changes. This will include new conceptual approaches towards technology within current transport strategies but also faster and more direct access from the city to the aircraft.